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Two High-Frequency Trading Bitcoin Bots You Must Try

Can a trading bots work effectively? In this article, you are going to find out the answer. Check out our recommendation of top two high-frequency trading bitcoin bots too.
About trading bots
First thing first, let’s talk about what trading bots actually are. A trading bot is a software program. This software program can interact with financial exchange directly. It often uses API’s to interpret and obtain important or relevant information. It can also place the sell or buy orders on your behalf depends on the market data’s interpretation. The bots will help you to make decisions by monitoring the reactions and the movement of the market’s price based on a set of pre-programmed and predefined rules. Generally, a trading bot analyzes the actions of the market. They are including price, volume, time, and orders, even though they can usually be programmed to fulfill your own preference and taste.
Trading bots have been famous for the past few years in diverse conventional markets of finance. But, trading bots have not manually existed for many investors as the price is quite expensive to have. We will give you an example. A Bloomberg terminal usually costs in excess of $15. But, because of the blockchain’s transparent nature, the exchange of the cryptocurrency tend to accept their customers to direct access to the market which can give users chances. One of the chances is to analyze the electronic order book exchange that was a kind of access which was exclusively and traditionally exists to investment houses and brokers in conventional markets of finance.
Since there are so many people try to trade Bitcoin passively, the bot is unable to give big amounts of time to analyze the condition of the market. Remembering that the intention of Bitcoin bots is to allow users to build more trading efficiently without keeping on top of the market every single time, the bot is actually can help users to trade.

 Top Trading Bots
Now, let’s see the high-frequency bots that are very popular. They are also publicly available bots that you can use every time.
•    Crypto Trader
The bot from Crypto Trader is a cloud-based trading bot which gives users fully automated solutions for trading while not need them to install the bot first on the system they have. Crypto Trader has some features related to strategic ‘marketplace’ which allows users to buy the trading strategy they want. It can even help them sell strategies made by themselves. It supports most of the big exchanges for both live trading and backtesting. With the backtesting tool, the users will have an access to review how their strategies work under various conditions in the market.
•    3CommasStar Icon
It is a famous bot for trading that works with a number of exchanges including KuCoin, Bittrex, Balance, BitFinex, Poloniex, Huobi, Cryptopia, COBIT, and GDAX. The bot works every single time with any device.
It is important to do the research and read the reviews for both bots above. Then, you can decide which bot will help you trade Bitcoin efficiently.

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