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how to trade bitcoin stock

Steps to Trade Bitcoin Stock for Beginners
How to trade Bitcoin stock? Bitcoin trading is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is reasonable anyway if many people are interested to join it. Of course, the trading is not easy as it seems. At least, there are some important points that need to acknowledge. In fact, the main concept of trading in general is the selling with higher prices than buying.
Then, before starting the trading Bitcoin, make sure you have to register yourself and verify your data on the official website of Bitcoin. After submitting all the data, click the button “Continue to register”. Despite verifying the email by entering the link available, verify also the identity and phone number so that the account must be directly used for trading.

Deposit the Money to Buy Bitcoin
Next step to do is depositing your money in the form of currency prevailing in your country. It is by entering the profile of Dashboard. Choose the option “Deposit” and submit some information in details like the amount of deposit, source, and some others. Continue it by choosing the payment method and instruction to be done later.
Start the Trading
After depositing the fund, you can directly start the trading of Bitcoin and maybe some other Cryptocurrencies instantly. It is also possible to do the trading via Spot Market.

Trade via Instant Trading Feature
With the instant trading feature, the traders are able to sell or buy with the newest prices. It is impossible to implement Limit or Stop order commonly done in Forex trading. In other words, the trading can just be done with the price condition is already similar to our expectations. To gain profits through this method is very easy. Just buy the Bitcoin and monitor the price in the market. When the price is already more expensive than when we buy, of course, it is good to sell it at that time. You can also hold the Bitcoin in days or even months for more maximum profits.

Trade via Spot Market
The next method for Bitcoin trading is via Spot Market. There is a basic thing that makes it different from using the Instant Trading Feature. It is that you are able to set up and manage when and in what price you will buy or sell the Bitcoin. The function is very similar to the Limit and Stop order feature in the MT4 platform.
To trade via Spot Market, you can simply go to the menu with the same name. Next, choose a pair of currency that you want to trade. As an example, there is BTC/ USD which means you want to trade Bitcoin with US dollar as the real currency to exchange. Clicking the pair button actually means that you have started the trading. The main benefit of trading with the method of Spot Market is that the transaction can be done automatically. it is when the price is already suitable with what we have set up before whether it is buying or selling. So, are you interested to start the trading?

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