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Is Bitcoin publicly traded

Is Bitcoin publicly traded? This question is often asked by people who are interested in this trading but still not starting it yet. Indeed, Bitcoin is one of the hottest topics around the world for its profits to be gained. More than that, it is also anonymous and not regulated by the government or any central banks. This makes Bitcoin known as the decentralized means of exchange. In fact, the idea of Bitcoin is about creating a kind of currency that is not bound by the central bank decision, politic situation, economy cycle, and many more.

The Primary Cryptocurrency and the Capitalization
There are many other Cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. But Bitcoin tends to be more popular and it is also claimed as the safest and the largest in term of how it spreads. The capitalization of Bitcoin is already more than USD 8 million with the volume of 8099. Just compare it with Litecoin, another Cryptocurrency known as the second largest users. The volume is only 257.
Many venture companies along with the investors have invested their money in the development of Cryptocurrency. The investment of Startup Company is more than $1 billion only in a few years. Meanwhile, for common users, Bitcoin is functioned as electronic payment wallet. It is similar to other payment systems like Webmoney. The way to do the transaction is also very similar. You can pay the products and services you buy with Bitcoin if the sellers or providers make this payment method available.

How to Trade Bitcoin
Bitcoin trading can just be done by anyone. It is no matter if you don’t have enough experience in other kinds of trading. Yes, you don’t need to be big investors to find the profits from this method. You only need to register yourself by visiting the official website of Bitcoin. Submit your data properly and verify them. Next, just deposit your money to buy the Bitcoin based on the currency available in your country.
The trading can be done directly after you have deposited your money. There are two methods available here; via Instant Trading feature and the Spot Market. Those methods basically have the same ways to be done for trading. The only difference is that Spot Market provides a menu to manage in what price the trading can be done. Therefore, for the beginners, the Spot Market method is considered as the safest way.

So, is Bitcoin traded publicly?
The answer is definitely yes. Bitcoin is available for everyone and it is freely accessed. As it has been mentioned above, common people without any stock market and trading experiences can just join it. But of course, it doesn’t mean you may randomly do the trading without learning and acknowledges the rules. In the beginning, it is more necessary to deposit a small amount of money. Then, it can be bigger along with the more experiences you have.
Besides, you should not think about Bitcoin as the main income mainly if you are still a beginner. It takes time to be an expert and being loss is also basically a common thing to face.

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