Trade Gift Cards for Bitcoin

How to Trade Bitcoin for Cash

Cryptocurrency is currently reaching the peak of popularity. Many people use cryptocurrency because it has many advantages. Moreover at this time, most businesses accept currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and others.
Here's an explanation how to turn your Bitcoin into cash when shopping online or shopping at the store.

First, Earn cash with Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM is available in most major cities in the world. They provide a variety of ways fast enough to be able to convert Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency into traditional currency in the real world. Many Bitcoin ATMs allow users to buy Bitcoin with money. The trick is quite a lot and is similar to when someone deposited money into their bank account at a regular ATM. Many people now support additional cryptocoin such as Ethereum and Lite
Using a Bitcoin ATM to convert  cryptocurrency into cash can be an easy practice for those who are paid in Bitcoin and want to spend their income. One of the disadvantages of ATM costs is much higher than online services. The conversion rate can also be much lower than with other methods. That means you probably will not get as much money as you want.

Second, Cash Bitcoin through Online Services

There are several popular online services. This not only allows people to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily through their website and smartphone applications but also sell what they have with real money. The most popular service is Coinbase while another good alternative is CoinJar. Both offer purchase and sale of Cryptocurrency while Coinbase supports Bitcoin Cash and CoinJar which owns Ripple.

Each service can connect to a traditional bank account to pay for the purchase of cryptocoin. This connectivity allows the sale of cryptocurrency to be converted into regular money and transferred to bank accounts within a few days.
Many people are using Coinbase and CoinJar apps to buy Bitcoin and withdraw their profits via bank transfer. Others use their account to receive cryptocurrency payments from friends, family members or customers who can be withdrawn as money.

Thirdly, use a Bitcoin debit card

Cryptocurrency debit cards are an affordable way to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in traditional retailers who may not receive crypto payments but also offer support for credit cards and debit cards. This card allows users to store their cryptocoins through online websites that can convert them into fiat currencies such as US Dollar or Euro.
Popular cryptocurrency debit cards are Monaco, Bitpay, CoinJar and BCCPay. Each card is supported by Visa or Mastercard which means that this card can be used for online and offline shopping in most businesses. Availability varies greatly by geographic area such as daily and monthly usage limits so it is highly recommended to compare each card find that is most appropriate for you and your financial situation.
That's some option to trade bitcoin for cash. you can choose a safe media for you to use.

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