Trade Gift Cards for Bitcoin

Trade Gift Cards for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Gift Card is a key term for redeeming Bitcoin to get a Gift Card and vice versa. This means you can buy the gift cards you want eg Coffe Shop, Amazon, etc. With a cheaper price, you can use Bitcoin. On the other hand, you will buy some Bictoin by selling your Gift Card. Bitcoin is becoming very popular especially the current increase in value.

Bitcoin's price has already reached $ 1,000 USD in the last few days. This obviously can cause people to notice and abandon the new wave of Bitcoin users for the first time. For many new users, buying Bitcoin can be a separate task. Recent regulations in the United States and lack of international purchasing options, there will be more and more new users being forced to get Bictoin. The solution to this problem is the Bitcoin Gift Card.
Now, there is a solution!

Bitcoin can be purchased easily with Gift Card. Gift Card can be for any retailer that works well for this purpose. All you have to do is pick up some gift cards for some places like Amazon, eBay, Panera Bread and etc. You can even get Visa and MasterCard gift cards for purchase. This way is easy, simple and can provide payment options for anyone.

There are many platforms where you can use Gift Card for Bitcoin. Here is a list of where you can buy Gift Cards.
Advantages: large community + forums, buying equals selling
Disadvantages: just like Marketplace peer to peer, the risk is greater than normal.

Advantages: for each Bitcoin spent on earning points you can use for a discount on your next purchase.
Fee 0 for Bitcoin Gift Cards
Group gifts: you can easily start your gift project and everyone who can contribute to the selected gift cards.
Various payment methods: Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.
Application: can store your gift card. So you will never forget it or lose it.

Many cards though not as much as gift.
Selling Gift Cards to Bitcoin is not possible.

No registration required
Amazon Gift Cards, Credit Card Vouchers.
Only a few gift cards are available
Selling Gift Cards to Bitcoin is highly unlikely

Bitcoin Gift Cards for Canadians, more than 100 Canadian retailers.
Large sales rate
It's only there for Canadians
Selling Gift Cards for Bitcoin is not permitted

Most Cryptocurrency (30+) available: spend BTC, LTC, DOGE, NXT and etc.
Make a purchase everyday with digital currency. 2% Revenue for Gift Off Points.
Currently, there are only and and most European outlets available.
Selling Gift Cards to Bitcoin is highly unlikely

6. Paxful
300+ payment methods including gift cards
There are options to buy and sell
Peer to Peer Marketplace, the price is good but someone needs to find a scammer.

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